Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brinda... In Her Eyes.. and Mine...

I am clumsy.
Totally Agree!!
Addicted to choclates n chakkuli(murukku) unfortunately both r fattening :(
She doesn’t kno she aint gonna get fat eat wat may!!
Dont like handbags. Wish i cud stuff all tht i needed in my pockets (speakin of which, i wonder y gurls pants hv such small insignificant pockets, or worse.. none at all)
So she stuffs all her stuff in my pockets!! :P
I do not swing my arms when i walk.
But loves holding mine!! :)
Like war time stories.
Hates Violence
I can get hurt,smile,pretend nothin evr happened and walk away.
Can get hurt, cant pretend with me.
I am butter fingered.
Of course!!
I should have listened to my dad :)
Then WE wouldn’t have happened.
Brand addiction : Apple, Bose, Abercrombie n Fitch, Calvin n Klein,Davidoff.
Apple, Bose… Burn my pockets!!
I can be a good butler.
Hmm.. dunno abt this though!!
I like to be organised but i am not a cleanliness freak.
Liar!! Teases me every weekend
Always need friends.
But Shes lonely around them too!!
I dont sweat even after a 2 hour workout.
But gets tired soon!!! :P
If I kno u r lying, i wont ask. i can live with the fact tht u don consider me worthy of knowing things.
She doesnt ask, and I dont tell!! I'm kinda lucky this way!! :P
8 hours of sleep is minimum.
But sleeps much more!!!
I am not typical.
But can become a typical galfren at times
I do not write extempore. I write only when I am hurt or moved deeply.
I get scared when she writes!! :(
I like the stars.
Sorry, cant get you those… n I don’t wanna promise either!! :P
I have very high expectations for myself, n fail miserably.
High Expectations, yes, fails coz she doesn’t try.. needs a push.
I like being busy.
Likes being busy, loves being lazy!!
I dont see horror movies.
But her boyfren looks like Frankenstein!! :P
Want to do something for the environment (apart from doin small evryday things)
Plz don’t make me pick up shit!!
I am not here to amuse anybody.
But get amused, yes!
Prefer history to current affairs.
Quite true.. very obsolete with latest happenings..
Looove the movies. But i am picky.
Movies… mostly children stuff!!
Enjoy reading abt the zodiac..but don belive in them.
We never followed it!!
I used to very impulsive n lived life by the day. But growing up has forced me to think abt my future.
Gud… getting responsible… with a clown like me in tow.. she has to!!
On a typical day, looking gud is the last thing on my mind.
I’ll take care of that part!
Wanna watch a movie in a planetarium.
I’ll keep that in mind :)
I dont cry. I grow numb.
Scary when she does this!
Wanna live in a big family.
But still cannot tolerate the bitchiness coming with it…
Wanted to be a travel show host on TV. That way I would get to travel n see lotsa places.
Get to see lotsa places.. but doesn’t like the crowding around.. she’d rather wanna explore things alone, even without me.
Long drives...late nite...
Late nite?? Gets tipsy by 11!! :P
No coffee. No tea.
Got Milk?!! ;)
Want to contribute, make a difference (howevr small)
Yeah… but not in my kitchen!! :P
Not as half as pretty as my mom.
Love singing to myself. I hv nvr sung for a large audience. i beleive my voice is only for very close ppl.
Sings when she sits behind me on the bike! :)
Fascinated by crop circles, bermuda triangle,UFOs...
She lives in a fantasy world of her own.. and that’s where she found me!! :)
Phsycological repulsion towards brinjals.
And I’m a psychic healer!! :P
Love cars n horses.
And cowboys!! ;)
Scared of the dark n sleeping alone.
U aint gonna be.. soon!!
Like the smell in a shooting range
And shoots gud for a gal too!!
Rain, friends, booze.... all else will fall in place!
Before she falls down with the heady effect of it!!
Wouldnt' trade this life for anything.
Wouldn’t trade her for anything!! :* >:D<

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Drivers Hate Navigators??!!

Falling in love is one thing, and maintaining a relationship is different altogether.
Once you are in a relationship, even though you consiously wanna give ample space to each other, you tend to grow possessive about your partner over time. Well, that's ok as long as it doesnt become an obsession... OR SO U THINK!!

As time goes by, you tend to get involved more n more with each other.. your work life, your party time, the amount of alchohol content in your body, the color of your teeth, body odour, everything becomes important to you, and that you want to see ur guy/gal to do the best he/she could probably can about all this. There are people who say, once you are in love, you share all your happiness and troubles; HAPPINESS is ok, but what about the TROUBLES??!!

Nowz the age of Google ( or am I still not keeping up with the time??!! ), where one doesnt need to go to another for directions anymore. Just type the From and To addresses and it gives you a detailed direction (even if it says you gotto swim 3000 miles from detroit, to reach the shores of Scotland!!) The Drivers now do not need Navigators, for they have the entire Map, Directions, and GPS system connected to their Car, they are good to go a 1000 miles!! OH REALLY??!!

Now this is where I start relating Relationships with the Driver-Navigator Partnership. Even though the Driver holds the steering of his car, he needs a Navigator to ensure he takes the correct turns and exits at the right point in time. If some situation occurs along the drive, the Navigator can easily assist the Driver out of a possible mishap, the Navigator cares for the Driver, and he cares for himself as well!! remember he's in the Car too!!! Now, IS THIS SAME WHAT THE DRIVER THINKS??!!!

I dont think so... The Driver, being behind the steering, thinks he has full control of his car. Agreed. But when it comes to where to steer, he's guided by his navigator on the directions. This gives the Navigator some control of the car. Now, the Driver may not like the Navigator taking the call on where his car has to go!!The 100% control he had on the Car is not there anymore!! :(
The driver's of the opinion that the Navigator is now taking control of his Car!!

This may exactly happen in a relationship too!! There's a Driver, a Navigator, and the Car is the Driver's life!! When outside a relationship, the driver always had his freedom to take his life anywhere he wants to.. do wateva he wants to. But this also had possible risks, wateva he did with his life was his complete responsibility... take all the wrong turns, and somehow make it back... Now, he has the navigator to worry about too!!! And the navigator wants to ensure that the drive of life with the Driver is a smooth one for him....

The open question now is, is the Navigator wrong in ensuring the driver's life, along with his own, is smooth and not bumpy? or is the Driver wrong in asking for Complete control fo his life?!!
Each relationship is different from one another... Its your call as partners to decide whats best for you... drive alone?!! allow the navigator to give directions?!! or the navigator should help the driver only when their life's are at risk, even though the drive's taking long with all the wrong turns n taking further time to reach your destination...